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Thursday, May 21, 2009

LIVBLUE: Celebrate World Ocean Day @ Ocean Revolution 5

Ocean Revolutionaries,

Celebrate World Ocean Day on June 5th at Ocean REVolution 5 @ The Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz, CA

Support our great local ocean advocate at Ocean Revolution, Save The Waves, Save Our Shores, Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider, Ocean Conservancy, FishWise and O'Neill Sea Odyssey

We're proud to announce The Mother Hips and Hot Buttered Rum will be making musical bliss for the ocean.  See for tickets and more info.

For the past five years we have celebrated World Ocean Day with powerful music delivered by ocean-loving musicians, uniting our ocean advocacy efforts and recognizing that the future of the ocean is in our generation's hands.  This isn't a fundraiser or an educational's just really, really good live music for the ocean with our friends. Spread the word about these great organizations and celebrate our accomplishments and the good hard work ahead.

Each year we produce a new concert poster, now sought after collectibles.  The OR5 poster is attached as a pdf.  Feel free to print, post, email and otherwise distribute far and wide.

Thanks to Max Davis for design work and a big thanks to The Mother Hips and Hot Buttered Rum!!

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